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Ashley Furniture Futons

Futons are becoming quite popular nowadays, and they are a great way to spruce up the look of any living space. Ashley Furniture offers a superb lineup of some of the most finely crafted pieces on the market, and Ashley Furniture futons are no exception. Designed with the solid construction, strict attention to detail, and high quality components that are the earmarks of the company’s success, Ashley Furniture futons are the perfect choice for the modern day homeowner who demand only the very best in home furniture.

First up is the Novelty - Cafe Futon w/ Storage, which features a bold, new design that presented suits the modern-day design aesthetic. Innovative without losing its traditional appeal, this piece combines the best of modern features with traditional rugged reliability. All Ashley Furniture futons are designed for maximum comfort and durability, and this one is definitely no exception. With its gorgeous upholstery fabric and plush cushioning, the “Novelty” practically begs you to take a load off and put your feet up for a few hours! The futon also features a tilt up seat that reveals a generous storage space underneath. Practical as well as stylish, the “Novelty” is the only real choice when it comes to a high quality futon for the modern age.

The Roxanne - Mocha Futon w/ Storage is yet another one in the superb line of Ashley Furniture futons. This one definitely delivers in the looks department, and the striking two-tone finish gives of a stylishly whimsical visual appeal that is simply irresistible. With a nod to traditional design aesthetics and a definite commitment to modern day features and innovation, this piece offers more than just a pretty façade. It also serves additional duty as a comfortable bed and the generous storage space underneath makes it a practical addition to any living space. Futons are almost commonplace nowadays, but this superb offering from Ashley Furniture definitely stands out from the crowd.

You may also want to check out the Mia - Bark Futon w/ Storage. Contemporary styling is the main characteristic of this piece, and for ultra-modern environments where only the most stylish furniture will do, this is the only real choice. With gorgeous detailing and sleek lines that are the earmarks of a truly high quality piece of furniture, the “Mia” embodies the pinnacle of contemporary furniture perfection. Practical as well as gorgeous, the “Mia” also features plenty of storage space underneath where you can store books, magazines, toys, and virtually anything else you want out of the way but within easy reach.

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