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Ashley Furniture Platform Beds

Now you can rest in utter comfort and relaxation on some of the best platform beds on the market. Boasting of superb craftsmanship, high grade materials, and imbued with truly state-of-the-art design features, these Ashley Furniture platform beds are the perfect choice for new homeowners as well as those who simply want to update the look of their bedroom.

The Maribel collection is one of the more notable products in this category. A lavish cottage design matched with a gorgeous frame, this is one of those Ashley Furniture platform beds that invite you to try it out. It also features impressive design accents such as scalloped tops and base mouldings, all of which are finished in stunning black gloss. If you want a platform bed that will show off your style to perfection, the Maribel collection may be just what you are looking for.

The Bostwick Shoals selection is also worth checking out for its superbly crafted design that features exquisite frame detailing, with the scalloped tops and base mouldings finished in elegant white. With the great looks and classic styling of these Ashley Furniture platform beds, you may well be tempted to use it outside the bedroom!

The Culverden is yet another one of the Ashley Furniture models that have the making of becoming a true classic. If you have had enough of the traditional wood grained designs and looking for something with a bit more style and pizzazz, this is the perfect option for you.

The rest of the collections all have one thing in common: they feature the Ashley Furniture Infinity Edge 3D press technology, which allows for a meticulous level of design that was practically unheard of in the industry.

It can be hard to make a personal style statement with drab old pieces of bedroom furniture but the Howick delivers on all counts. Take a look at the impressive black finish, and you will definitely see the Howick for what it is: a good value in furniture design.

The use of Infinity Edge 3D press technology enables manufacturers and designers to take furniture design to its next logical step. Capable of producing the clean, slick lines typical of today’s more modern furniture design, this technology is what gives Ashley Furniture platform beds such a universal appeal.

Modern attitude is the inspiration for this model, and Piroska definitely has attitude it in spades. With a striking two-tone finish and gorgeous accents, this would be a great deal on the strength of its features alone. However, the Pirsoka offers so much more than just aesthetic appeal, with an impressive wave pattern created with the Infinity Edge 3D press technology.

Platform beds are a dime a dozen nowadays, and it is way too easy to spend hundreds of dollars or more on pieces that fail to meet your expectations. With all the many other platform beds on the market, few can come close to delivering the great design touches, superb construction, sand solid craftsmanship that is typical of Ashley Furniture.

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