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Ashley Furniture Rugs

Almost any living space will benefit greatly from having a few classy rugs underfoot, and the Ashley furniture rugs collection is by far the best option. Boasting of the high quality construction and world-class materials as all the other products in the noted company’s line, these rugs are the perfect way to liven up any home or office décor.

One of the flagships of the Ashley furniture rugs line is the Manhattan. Featuring bold and adventurous colors that exhibit the sophistication that the company is known for, this is the ideal rug for you if you want something subtly elegant yet has a distinct identity. Perfect for showing off your own personal style, this contemporary styled masterpiece might just be the finishing touch you need for your home décor.

If you have a spa or even just a bathroom that needs dressing up, the Laurel Spa Small Rug might just be the thing for you. With a warm earthy hue that works well with practically any color motif, the Laurel Spa Small Rug will bring a much needed touch of sophistication to your bath.

If you want a similar feel for your room, then the Luna Ivory Rug is what you should be looking for. Designed in a quietly sophisticated contemporary style, the Luna Ivory is a tasteful example of the quality and excellence that goes into each and every product in the Ashley Furniture line.

A similarity elegant rug is the Calder Multi Rug, which again blends the best of both worlds in contemporary and personal style. Individualistic without drawing too much attention to itself, this rug will complement the décor of any room that you place it in, giving it a distinctive appearance that nevertheless maintains its classically inspired touch.

A more striking design is the Structure Ivory Brown Rug, which features a bold light and dark contrasting color scheme. When you need something that stands out a little more and displays more of your personal design identity, this rug is well worth the price.

Also imbued with a powerful visual presence are the Barclay Multi Wool Rug and the Becca Bisque Rug. The latter rug is made of pure wool and is designed with an striking multi-color theme, while the latter features a charming floral design with attractive brown and blue hues. These are quite possibly some of the most gorgeous Ashley Furniture Rugs on the market, and you can hardly go wrong with either one no matter which one you choose.

For those with a taste for the decidedly whimsical, you can forget about all the other rugs and head straight for this uniquely designed piece. Called the Shagadelic Red Rug appropriately enough, this is the perfect addition to your bachelor bad, den, TV room, man-cave, or virtually anywhere else you want to imbue with your own personal style. With a gorgeous striped pattern finished in striking red, this provides the perfect accent for your stylish living space.

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