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Ashley Furniture Wine Cabinet

A wine cabinet is the perfect accessory for any serious wine collector, and few examples are as well equipped to deal with the job than an Ashley furniture wine cabinet. Built to the highest standards of quality and excellence, these cabinets make the perfect addition to your home décor while keeping your wine collection safe and displayed impressively. For the money, you simply can't do better than the Ashley furniture wine cabinet.

Not that these luxurious looking pieces are expensive mind you. In fact, all the pieces in the Ashley Furniture collection provide tremendous value for money, and you would be hard pressed to find this level of quality at this price point. Superbly crafted with an attention to detail that you would expect to find only in the most expensive luxury items, these wine racks and wine cabinets truly define the phrase “bang-for-the-buck”.

The flagship of this collection is the Key Town Bar, which has garnered plenty of positive user reviews for its stellar craftsmanship and elegant design. The finish itself is absolutely stunning, and it offers a mere hint of the quality that has gone into the design of this classic piece. Although the wine cabinet has been designed for a more traditional look and feel, no corners have been cut in making sure that it includes a host of modern features that make it suitable for any contemporary setting. Finished in gorgeous dark brown with sophisticated ash swirl accents, this is one piece of furniture that you will definitely be proud to show off to your guests.

A closer look at the cabinet reveals just how much care and attention has gone into its design and construction. Take a look at the stunning finish and you will see that it has been expertly distressed in order to further bring out the beautiful qualities of the wood grain. The piece also features a natural marble to that perfectly complements the wood and the leather. The dark bronze hardware and embossed leather further emphasizes the classic feel of the piece, leaving no doubt that this is an Ashley Furniture Wine Cabinet that is definitely worthy of your most prized wine collection.

Picking out a wine cabinet is not like shopping for just any other type of furniture. Wine has very specific needs it of storage, position, and environment, and you definitely need the very best wine cabinet available in order to bring your wine to its full potential. There good news is that the Key Town Bar has been designed from the ground up to meet the needs of even the most demanding wine collectors, so you can be sure that your wines will be in good hands and ready to display its fine qualities when it comes time for you to crack open the seal.

There are many other wine cabinets on the market of course, but few of them come close to providing what the Key Town Bar has to offer. For the best deal going around in the wine cabinet market, this is the one to beat.

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