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Ratana Outdoor Furniture

For furniture with a decidedly different design flavor, you definitely won't go wrong with Ratana outdoor furniture. Designed for timeless elegance with a traditional Asian inspired charm that can truly liven up any living space, Ratana outdoor furniture colors sets the stage for a host of innovative new examples of state-of-the-art furniture design.

Not all the products in the Ratana line are designed according to traditional aesthetics. The company also offers a selection of products that are more contemporary in approach, along with a host of furniture lines that neatly straddle the divide between old world tradition and modern innovation. Suffice it to say that whatever your needs are in outdoor furniture, Ratana will be able to fulfill your needs. Small wonder then that Ratana outdoor furniture are pressed into service everywhere from golf courses to luxury hotels, and even venues hosting Olympic events!

Ratana has been designed specifically to provide a comfortable and elegant feel that is perfectly suited to a totally luxurious lifestyle. The company is firmly committed to providing for the needs of its customers, with designs that are built upon the company’s core values of design quality, superior craftsmanship, and strict attention to detail. All of these factors have helped ensure the company’s reputation as one of the foremost furniture brands in the world.

On a more practical note, Ratana pieces are amazingly durable and reliable, and they will continue to provide quality service day in and day out even when exposed to varying weather conditions. With only minimal care and maintenance, these products will maintain their natural beauty.

In order to get the most out of your Ratana furniture, it is important to keep a few simple things in mind regarding their care. You may wash and rinse your furniture thoroughly, although you should only use mild detergent and some water. When cleaning your furniture with such a solution, it is important to rinse it off and dry it thoroughly afterwards. This will help ensure the longevity of your furniture, while you keep it clean.

Some products in the Ratana line are made of teak, which is a material that requires special care. It is important to note that teak will turn silver-gray in color if left exposed and untreated for a sufficient period of time outdoors. Although it is a natural process, this can make furniture quite unsightly, so people normally take steps to rectify the condition. What you can do is to wash the surface of the wood, again with some detergent and water. Under no circumstances should you use bleach on teak furniture, as it can cause significant damage to the surface of the wood. It would also be a good idea to avoid using a pressure washer or an abrasive brush, since they may cause irreparable damage to the wood. This may have the effect of decreasing the value of the furniture, so a few precautions are in order. With any luck, your Ratana furniture should last a long time.

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