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Sirio Outdoor Furniture

High quality furniture is never easy to come by and the cost is often more than most people can afford. However there is a company that has made quite a name for itself over the past several years, most notably for its production of the finest quality furniture at amazingly low prices. The company is called Sirio and it has achieved widespread positive reviews for bringing state-of-the-art outdoor furniture to consumers at wholesale prices. Nowadays, Sirio outdoor furniture is virtually unequaled in the industry, and the company’s growth shows no sign of stopping or slowing down.

One of the reasons for the universal appeal of Sirio outdoor furniture is its ability to measure up to the best that world’s furniture capitals have to offer. The company employs a highly qualified team of artisans in its Northern California facilities. The primary purpose of this team is to design the highest quality furniture based on design trends and innovations from noted design capitals such as Paris, Milan and Hong Kong. Drawing inspiration from these and other highly regarded places, the Sirio design team produces outdoor furniture of outstanding quality, all bearing the trademark excellence they Sirio has become known for.

The excellence of the company’s products extends to aspects other than just the design. The materials used in the construction of these fine pieces are also of superior quality, with the most obvious examples being commercial grade heavy gauge aluminum and Sunbrella fabric. While these materials also help ensure the attractive look and feel of Sirio furniture, they primarily give these pieces a strength and rugged durability that makes them able to stand up to the rigors of everyday use. In fact, you can probably use these pieces day in and day out for many years without showing the least bit of wear.

When you look deeper still into the Sirio production process, the company’s attention to detail is revealed more even clearly. Each and every piece in the Sirio collection is actually assembled by hand in the company's own overseas facilities. Each piece is also thoroughly checked for quality before leaving the factory, and the best packaging available is used to ensure that it gets to you in as excellent a quality as the moment when it was completed.

The company’s confidence in its products is well apparent in its warranty policy–which, like the company’s products–is among the most highly regarded in the industry. For a company that provides such high quality products and services, good customer support is expected, and Sirio again delivers on that count. Unlike many other companies that employ overseas representatives to handle customer support and inquiries, Sirio employs its own customer support staff and houses them in Northern California. Polite, helpful, and genuinely knowledgeable, the support team can help you get to the bottom of your furniture related concerns as quickly as possible, making them some of the most valuable of the company’s assets.

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