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Lloyd Flanders Outdoor Furniture

Do a search for high quality furniture and Lloyd Flanders will likely come out at the top of the list. One of the foremost names in world class furniture, the company has garnered a reputation in the business that few manufacturers can lay claim to. Boasting of timeless and unique pieces that perfectly complement any living space, the company is best known for its line of outstanding outdoor furniture, many of which have set the standards for excellence in the category. Today, Lloyd Flanders outdoor furniture is the result of years of dedication to craftsmanship and construction, and the company is poised to bring its stellar line of products to an even bigger clientele.

One of the most highly regarded pieces in the Lloyd Flanders outdoor furniture line is the Contempo collection. Featuring a rich warm tone that suggests the mysteries of the Orient, the collection heavily features sturdy and attractive rattan as one of its primary materials. With many of the pieces coupling this traditional material with state-of-the-art synthetic vinyl, what you get with the collection is a superbly designed piece that combines the best of traditional design with modern innovation. Clean lines, superb comfort, and plush luxury are the characteristics of this collection, and you will be hard pressed to find a better deal for the money.

Also worth checking out is the Vineyard collection, which offers just as much of an elegant look and feel as the Contempo collection, but with a more subtle countrified tone. Drawing inspiration from the picturesque vineyards of the Napa Valley, the collection is characterized by intricate detail, lacy touches, and exquisite designs. Subtle sophistication is what you get with the Vineyard collection, making it just the right choice to liven up a drab outdoor space.

The celebrated Mesa collection is something else entirely. While the two previous collections offer a distinctively country-styled approach, this one features urban touches all throughout. With bold lines and cleverly designed transitions, the sophisticated urban style of the Mesa collection is just the perfect set of furniture to bring a more elegant and timeless feel to your garden or patio. Elegant without sacrificing comfort, this set is one of the most versatile in the Lloyd Flanders line.

Also drawing inspiration from the gorgeous Napa Valley vineyards is the aptly named Napa Collection. Featuring a uniquely designed vinyl finished in a fetching rattan tone, this set offers superb comfort and casual style in a very attractive package. The vinyl is meticulously affixed to sturdy aluminum framing, which gives it just the perfect modern touch ideally suited to contemporary living spaces. Every bit as comfortable as even the finest indoor furniture, the Napa collection offers superb value for the money.

Finally, check out the Haven Collection for the ultimate in luxurious comfort and style. Suitable for relaxing as well as more formal dining occasions, the collection offers generously sized seating, wide arms, and plenty of support. Great looks and classic designs make this an outdoor set you will definitely enjoy.

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