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Outdoor Concrete Furniture

Not many people would consider it, but outdoor concrete furniture may actually make a great choice for even modest homes and gardens. Most people would opt for wood, plastic, and even alum long before they consider outdoor concrete furniture, but there are actually a number of advantages to going with concrete.

Some of the qualities of concrete offer a hint as to their suitability for most furniture applications. Concrete is of course strong and durable, and for the money, you would be hard pressed to find a material that is more suited to the rigors of outdoor use. This strength and durability also means that concrete does not have to be covered even during the harshest weather conditions. Other types of furniture will have to be covered with a tarp or even stored indoors in more extreme weather conditions. There is no such need with outdoor concrete furniture, which means much less carrying and transporting for you to have to deal with.

Concrete also has the advantage of looking good as it is. Other furniture will have to be polished, stained, colored, painted or subjected to various other processes in order to look good, but concrete furniture has no such requirements. Wood in particular will have to be treated via a costly process before it can be put to use outdoors, and this can add a lot to its cost. With concrete furniture on the other hand, you can use it pretty much from the day it comes off the production line, and you can be reasonably sure that it will be in pretty much the same condition even decades later.

There are also numerous issues that plague other types of furniture, particularly those made of wood. Outdoor furniture made of wood will have to be fumigated and treated for rot, all of which don’t have to concern the owners of concrete furniture at all. Warping, splintering, scuffs, scratches…all these become non-issues when you opt for concrete furniture over the other alternatives.

Most people think that concrete furniture is unreasonably heavy and bulky, making them less suitable for modern applications. The good news is that there are many furniture designs that make use of common condition extensively, and they really aren't that much heavier than furniture made of the traditional hardwoods. In fact, with the balance of a few well chosen elements, there is no reason why common condition outdoor furniture should be much heavier than the typical outdoor garden or patio set.

Concrete furniture is also a lot less expensive than you may have expected, and you could have a pretty good collection for not much more money than you would pay for the typical outdoor set. In fact, with thorough comparison shopping and a few well placed deals and discounts, you might be surprised at how inexpensively you can dress up your garden or patio design.

If today's current crop of outdoor furniture simply leaves you cold, common condition outdoor furniture may be the best choice for you. Offering great value for money and unbeatable reliability, these pieces are perfect for the modern day homeowner.

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