Royal Furniture
  Ancient furniture
  The Middle Ages
    From A.D. 476 to 1453
    Chair of St. Peter
    Scandinavian work
    Anglo-Saxon work
    Influence of Civilisation
    Coronation Chair
    Penshurst Place
    Furniture in France
    Ordinary Furniture
    German work
    French Gothic
    English Gothic
  The Renaissance
  Jacobean Furniture
  Eastern Furniture
  Rooms & Decoration
  French furniture
  Laura Ashley Furniture
  Outdoor Furniture

The Middle Ages

Period of 1,000 years from Fall of Rome, a.d. 476, to Capture of Constantinople, 1453 - The Crusades - Influence of Christianity-Chairs of St. Peter and Maximian at Rome, Ravenna, and Venice - Edict of Leo III. prohibiting Image worship - The Rise of Venice - Charlemagne and his successors - The Chair of Dagobert - Byzantine character of Furniture - Norwegian carving - Russian and Scandinavian - The Anglo-Saxons - Sir Walter Scott quoted - Descriptions of Anglo-Saxon Houses and Customs - Art in Flemish Cities - Gothic Architecture - The Coronation Chair at Westminster Abbey - Penshurst - French Furniture in the 14th Century - Description of rooms - The South Kensington Museum - Transition from Gothic to Renaissance - ; the Credence, the Buffet, and Dressoir.

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