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The Furniture of Eastern Countries

  • Chinese Furniture: Probable source of artistic taste - Sir William Chambers quoted - Racinet's "Le Costume Historique" - Dutch influence - The South Kensington and the Duke of Edinburgh Collections - Processes of making Lacquer - Screens in the Kensington Museum.
  • Japanese Furniture: Early History - Sir Rutherford Alcock and Lord Elgin - The Collection of the Shogun - Famous Collections - Action of the present Government of Japan - Special characteristics.
  • Indian Furniture: Early European influence - Furniture of the Moguls - Racinet's Work - Bombay Furniture -Ivory Chairs and Tables - Specimens in the India Museum.
  • Persian Woodwork: Collection of Objets d'Art formed by General Murdoch Smith, R.E. - Industrial Arts of the Persians - Arab influence - South Kensington Specimens.
  • Saracenic Woodwork: Oriental customs - Specimens in the South Kensington Museum of Arab Work - M. d'Aveune's Work.

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