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French furniture

There is something so distinct in the development of taste in furniture, marked out by the three styles to which the three monarchs have given the names of " Louis Quatorze," " Louis Quinze," and " Louis Seize," that it affords a fitting point for a new departure.

French furniture from different periods

  • Palace of Versailles: " Grand" and " Petit Trianon" - The three Styles of Louis XIV., XV., and XVI. - Colbert and Lebrun - André Charles Boule and his Work - Carved and Gilt Furniture - The Regency and its Influence - Alteration in Condition of French Society - Watteau, Lancret, and Boucher.
  • Louis XV. Furniture: Famous Ébenistes - Vernis Martin Furniture - Caffieri and Gouthière Mountings - Sevres Porcelain introduced into Cabinets-Gobelins Tapestry - The " Bureau du Roi."
  • Louis XVI. and Marie Antoinette: The Queen's Influence - The Painters Chardin and Greuze- More simple Designs - Characteristic Ornaments of Louis XVI. Furniture - Riesener's Work - Gouthière's Mountings - Specimens in the Louvre - The Hamilton Palace Sale - French influence upon the design of furniture in other countries - The Jones Collection - Extract from the "Times."

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